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The Secret That Should Be Shared

Hi everyone. I have wanted to be a performer for as long as I can remember. I don't sing except in my car, I can't dance, I don't like memorizing lines and being some one else. That left writing and teaching. Why teaching? Because I was in front of an audience every day, I didn't memorize a word, and I felt it when they were captivated by my performance. It was the gig of a lifetime.

The idea of writing as a career never seemed plausible; three kids, a house, two businesses. Blah. Blah. Blah. That's another story.

I had an awakening, an "Oprah aha," or maybe it was a virtual kick in the ass this past summer. I felt the nasty, negative anger that was inside for way too long and let it float away. So, I listen, pause, and let it go. That's left me oodles of time to create my website, ready my books to be published through Amazon, and share my ideas and thou ghts as I am in the midst of "the best time in my life." I put that in quotation marks because everyday is the best because I've learned something new.

I have lots of thoughts about how to make this blog informative and fun. I am open to your questions (there is a contact form on the site) and comments, and can't wait to see how this develops.

I have learned innumerable ways to improve and think about my writing in the past year. I opened myself up to reading books, learning online, watching YouTube videos, and took a Continuing Education course at a local college. No one has ever mentioned my secret that makes every piece of writing better. After you've written a well-researched exposition, an intensely personal love letter, or a blog that reveals yourself to the world, don't press send, print,or publish for 24 hours. That's been my secret since I was in high school. Okay, 22 hours is fine; even less if necessary, but it is amazing how differently you will regard your work after you've let go of it for a little while.

The first one is complete! Almost. I'll publish it tomorrow.

Until then, keep on learning and sharing. I'm looking forward to doing the same. Peace.

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