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I'm Over the Rainbow!

Okay, that may not be true completely, but my paperback book, the one with my name on it, is on sale at Even though the marketing only has begun for this title, I've dreamed about being an author since I was a little girl.

Now that the first story has been shared, I can begin to share others. The one risk I'm taking as an author is to be me and to write what I want, despite the Fauxpas that I will be venturing in and out of genres. That, my worldwide friends, is the reason I love self-publishing. I wrote about being selfish and suppose I'm giving you a great example of how I choose to be selfish.

I'm going to step out of my box AGAIN and ask you to send me ideas, questions, and comments about whatever you want. I'm hoping you will buy my book, write a 5 star review on Amazon and sign up to be on my email list. The form is on my website.

To that end, as the level-headed, mature adult that I am truly knows what I love most is to write. Please send comments and question about writing, speaking, or living. I want to hear from the world. Have you noticed the big Earth on my page? I want to hear from every one everywhere. Peace. Thanks for letting me share my joy.

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