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Expressing Your Success 

Maribeth Slovasky

Writer Teacher Dreamer

Published Author

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PUBLISHING YOUR eBook and paperback

If you want a marketing tool that can reach a global audience and create a passive income stream, let me write an eBook for you.

 As a contributing author (you will be the primary author), I will help you determine a great idea for an Amazon Kindle eBook, which I will write, publish, and promote online for you. The idea is to create an audience for the book, garnering sales and reviews. The goal is to get Amazon to notice so that they begin to promote your book as well! Even if your business is for a service provided locally, telling your story will boost your sales locally. 

I also can format and publish a paperback version of your book if you want.

Not ready for the whole book! Let's discuss another way to  add customers to your database. A free downloadable guide that focuses on how your business can provide solutions  might be the way to attract business. Cost varies based on research and length.


*The fee for an eBook is  $120/hr.  Charges for research and other maintenance will be $100/hr.

What’s Your Can? Is an example of a marketing eBook for Expressing Your Success.


In all my years of experience, I have written blogs, proposals, resumes, website profiles, and more.  I have found that the idea of presenting yourself with words that express why you are the best, along with your business card gives you an edge in this competitive, global market.

If you would like to discuss "a presentation of yourself," and how to get the most from your business card, I would love to meet with you and have you answer questions based on your personal successes.  I assure you that the finished document will give you the slight edge you need to succeed.


*Writing fee is $120 per hour and includes a free consultation. I will write a proposal explaining my process, estimated hours of work, and a time line for completion. Fees for interviewing, researching  and editing is $100 per hour.


Get stuck finding the right words to describe what you do? Always seem to write more than you intended? Spend hours trying to get your document to sound professional? Not sure when to use their or they’re?

As a former Language Arts teacher, designing and conducting a specified workshop is second nature to me. What to teach, how to present it, and convincing people that they can write is what I do best.  In today's world of technology, this work is more  paramount than ever; you are reaching clients worldwide and the written word must be conveyed accurately.


I also offer workshops & help for public speaking.  Public Speaking is so much more than standing in front of an audience and presenting a prepared text. Everyone in a professional environment needs to understand and practice how to speak clearly with confidence, whether answering the telephone, welcoming a customer, or speaking in a formal situation.  With proper training, be assured that your employees are representing you in a positive manner.

​If you are interested in an online or onsite workshop, fill out the contact form, and let's develop a workshop designed specifically for you and up to  20 employees. Remember, training others to be successful ensures your place at the top of your business.


*My workshop fee is $140 per hour and includes a consultation, materials, and evaluation. I will charge for travel and expenses as well. I will prepare a proposal based on our initial consultation.

Satisfaction is a guarantee with a final product that exceeds your expectations.
*Consultations for all services are free. Fees for the workshops vary based on preparation time, duration of the workshop, materials, follow-up (if needed) and travel expenses for individualized instruction that requires face-to-face meetings.
*Fees for writing vary based upon the amount of research and preparation required, in addition to the actual cost of writing the piece and the amount of re-writes.


 Please send me an email through my website. The link is below.



What's Your Can?

10 11 Strategies for Living a Spectacular

Life with a Chronic Condition 

A year has passed, and the story continues to unfold as the author continues her transformation from “living with a chronic condition” to “being on an expedition that keeps me believing in others and in myself.”
Regardless of what it is or how long you have had one, a chronic condition alters your life in many ways. When every action requires thought and planning, giving up sounds like a good option.
There are solutions! What’s Your Can? is author Maribeth Slovasky’s story of her 40-year journey with a chronic condition. She takes you through the progression of her illness, sharing how her struggles nearly incited her yearning to resign herself to life with restrictions and constant concern regarding her wellbeing.
She didn’t quit. Even more so, a surreal experience in Tacoma, Washington, presented Maribeth with a choice; become who you want to be or live behind the black wall, alone, declining, and unhappy.
Follow Ms. Slovasky’s journey as she revives her passion for writing. After meeting new friends and learning to trust again, she embarks on an expedition to become physically and emotionally healthier than she thought possible.
This book is designed for those readers who struggle with a chronic or long-lasting condition and are ready to live the life they deserve. Her 11 lessons are practical, fun, and thought-provoking ideas to give even the long term sufferer the belief they have been seeking.
Family, caregivers, and friends: this book will help you learn along with your loved one, finding new ways to be mindful, calm, and positive, even in your own life.

    Has your interested been piqued?  If it has, feel free to click the button to go and shop for any of these fine books found on Amazon.  Every one of them have such significance and value personally, I hope you enjoy and in turn share my enthusiasm for them.  

    About Me

    About Me
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    Writer. Teacher. Dreamer. Published Author

    Maribeth Slovasky

          I’ve been dreaming up stories for as long as I can remember. Whether sharing ghost stories in the neighbor’s backyard, writing about my adventures as a mermaid, or bravely expelling the scary monsters from my bedroom closet, my mind sees an ordinary day and imagines the delicious what ifs. While fiction is simply fun to write, it can be a lonely road that rarely finds its way to conversation and the chance to share the love!

         Expressing Your Success, my writing business, is where I get to focus on my real passion: changing the world one story at a time. Writing other peoples' memoirs, sharing their climb from a sometimes dark, often scary place to their triumphs and successes, helps them heal and every one who reads their story remembers that there is hope; always.

         As much as I love to write, without the hours spent interviewing and talking to people, words would be as dull as a grocery list or the movie times at the cineplex. The story, the tale that evokes the emotion intended, comes from time spent listening and appreciating the discussion. That results in the revelation that becomes the specific words meant for a single soul. I love writing those stories!

         While learning keeps me fueled, teaching offers the chance to share knowledge and provide methods to preserve information. Whether working individually or with groups, my approach is understanding how and why others learn, and then teaching them that process. That  enables everyone to be successful.

         The beauty of words which have been sculpted into an organized and meaningful array is that they remain intact forever. The gift is for future generations to know and learn from your message. If you would like to discuss my services, please fill out the contact form below. Be joyful!


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